söndag 15 november 2009

Centive Moscato d'Asti 2008

Kategori: Vita viner
Druva: Moscato 100%
Alkoholhalt: 5,5%
Ursprungsland: Italien
Ursprung: Asti
Producent: Tenuta Olimbauda
750 ml/9,9 Euro

Producentens egen beskrivning
Vineyard: grapes are grown on the "Centive" farmhouse vineyards located in Fontanile. Harvest takes place in the second week of September.Tasting notes: it has a characteristic straw colour. Its intense bouquet is aromatic and shows golden apple, pineapple and honey aromas. To the palate it is fresh and fragrant, as sweetness and acidity are properly balanced. The carbon dioxide fine development makes it slightly creamy, with an elegant and persistent close.
Vinitification: after being left with skins for a few hours at low temperature, the must is separated. After clarification and a first filtering, the must is left to macerate at low temperature in small stainless steel autoclaves. During fermentation foam is removed. To stop fermentation, the must is cooled and before bottling it undergoes microfiltering again. Bottling is carried out in November, two months after harvest.
Wine release: it begins at the end of November of the same year of the harvest. Best to sell in the first 2 years.

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