söndag 26 september 2010

Hermanuspietersfontein Klienboet 2006

Kategori: Röda viner
Druva: Cabernet Sauvignon 44%, Merlot 32%, Cabernet Franc 11%, Malbec 7%, Petit Verdot 6%,
Alkoholhalt: 14,5%
Ursprung: Western Cape
Ursprungsland: Sydafrika
Producent: Hermanuspietersfontein
Volym/Pris/Sbid: 750ml / ca 200 Kr / Finns ej på SB, privat import från Sydafrikanska Vinklubben.

Producenten, leverantörens egen beskrivning
A ‘little brother’ may live in the shadow of his older brother, but he is every bit a person in his own right. Pert and precocious, not allowing himself to be dominated, he can be impudent and mischievous - but is everyone’s favourite.

An excellent example of a premium Bordeaux-style blend.

Awards / Ratings: John Platter: 3.5 Stars Wine Magazine: 4.5 Stars
Wooded: 21 months in new and 1st fill French oak
Bottling Date: 13 December 2007
Tasting Characteristics: blackcurrant, black olive, lavender, cashew
Colour: brick red to purple
Body: medium
Tannins: rounded
Length: generous
Intensity: distinct
Consistency: supple
Structure: round
Finish: dry
Balance: harmonious
When will the wine reach its peak?: provided stored under optimum conditions - 7 years and beyond
Overall Impression: distinctively the "little brother" of Die Arnoldus

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